Theater and Chocolate!

After class today, Caroline and I decided to explore another part of the city that we haven’t gotten the chance to see yet. We went to an ancient Greek amphitheater that still remains here in Taormina. Even though it originally was built as a Greek theater for entertainment for the local citizens, it was then altered by the Romans when they inhabited this area after the Greeks. It’s hard to imagine that this place was built thousands of years before America was even discovered. Fortunately, this particular amphitheater has survived the years and wars that have occurred locally, and is still mainly intact today. There have been some renovations to the theater in order to accommodate for modern usage. During the warmer months of the year (even though winter here is only around 60-ish degrees) there are plays, operas, and concerts that are shown in the amphitheater.

View of the theater.


View from the top of the theater.


Greek inscription found in the back of the theater.


Latin inscription added to the theater after it was originally built.

Some of the ornate columns in the theater.

After going exploring through the amphitheater, we went to the third annual chocolate festival put on in Taormina. Funny thing is that my host mom is actually the organizer of the festival! Every year they have a local artist, who has actually won a few awards for his chocolate art, make a few sculptures for the exhibit. This year’s theme was the sea so many of the pieces consisted of fish and oceanic type creatures. We were also able to watch the master of the craft make a few pieces right in front of us.

One exhibit made completely out of chocolate.


A chocolate statue made to represent Venus.

The chocolate art that we got to watch be made.

As always, it was a great day here in Sicily and there will definitely be more adventures to come!

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